The Tony Abbott wink: a meme is born.

In today’s edition of “Onion news story or Australian Politics headline”, video footage of PM Tony Abbott during an interview with ABC has gone viral, where he throws out a suggestive wink at the most unfortunate time possible.

The caller in question was Gloria, a grandmother and pensioner who works on an adult phone-sex line to help ends meet. She was grilling him, like the rest of the nation has been, over the tough budget that was handed down last week.

It’s hard to even be mad about this one – especially as we find ourselves so deep in the territory of “if we don’t laugh, we’ll just cry” From that perspective, it’s more just downright hilarious, in that weird, black humor that this countries political situation has so rapidly descended into. Here are some of our favorite reactions from across the internet:

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3 thoughts on “The Tony Abbott wink: a meme is born.

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