Bob Ellis on Abbott’s Downfall: “Thursday or Friday next week.”

Notable political commentator and veteran writer Bob Ellis made a bold claim in a blog published last night. More specifically, that “it’s likely Abbott will be overthrown in the next nine days and his successor Dutton, Hunt or Turnbull will rapidly and brutally excise Hockey from the Treasury; not certain, but likely.”

For a government that took to the election with stability as its key benefit claim against an increasingly shaky Labor Party, Abbott’s political knifing would be certain to leave voters scratching their heads. The same voters who elected the LNP under the promise that such antics were in the past now. Public opinion against an already unpopular PM has been growing increasingly harsh, especially since the budget was handed down. Coupled with both #WinkGate and #WhitehouseGate, it’s been a rough few weeks for the guy – and rightly so. Abbott took to power following a relentlessly negative campaigns in the history of opposition, proving the old politic adage that elections are never won, they’re simply lost – to be abundantly true.

4911026-3x2-940x627Granted, the claims Ellis has made are certainly to be taken with a massive grain of salt. His evidence is little more than some basic psychological profiling, directing readers towards Abbott’s uncharacteristically quiet behavior in Question Time yesterday – and a more general reflection on the governments various, and notable missteps over their time in power. Not exactly solid evidence, but also difficult to surpass in the current political climate of this country, where a fickle public is growing increasingly capable of letting their voices be heard – no matter how much the media seeks to silence them. In Opposition, Abbott was certain to keep the Labor party accountable for every move they made (and every breath they took, probably). Now, the country watches as the man appears to be teetering on the edge of his own epic downfall.

His approval ratings have plunged, and distrust continues to grow stronger. There’s a momentum growing against Abbott and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Ellis could be right, or he could be wrong. Either way, it looks set to be another very interesting week in the clusterfuck that is contemporary Australian politics.

The faster they rise, the harder they fall. Will the last one out get the lights?

Reporting by HARRISON CARTWRIGHT. Hashtag suggestions anyone? Points if you can top #Spillard and #Ruddmentum.

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