PM’s D-Day address is really bad, coins new catch phrase

We didn’t think Tony Abbott could stoop any lower than the budget, or the infamous Winkgate, but it seems he’s still got some tricks up his sleeves.
Over the weekend, the Budgie-smuggling bloke from Warringah presented his government’s D-Day address. The address typically honours those who assisted in the invasion of Normandy, and leaves politics to the side in an act of respect.

But not our old Tone. Given the responsibility of honouring Australian diggers on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Abbott used his message to briefly celebrate the hard work of Australian defence forces past and present. He goes on to make a really weird, disjointed segue into declaring Australia ‘open for business’, swearing to scrap carbon and mining taxes, and navigate us away from ‘analysis paralysis’ – there’s a new catch phrase for you.

If you thought he could have one conversation without shaming the previous government, spurting out a couple of key phrases, while simultaneously shooting himself in the foot, then you were wrong.

The offices of our PM had sent a transcript of the address live on the official government site, before ripping it down once the media had woken up to what had been sent. The Youtube video had the title changed to ‘Visit to France, Canada and the United States’.

But the transcript is still in the ‘about’ section of the video, and Crikey were quick enough to save a copy.

For those who want to watch those words straight from the horses mouth, it’s below. I apologise if you have just had breakfast.



Let’s just hope that Bob Ellis is on the money.


Words by COURTNEY FRY, who watched the news almost every day through gritted teeth and balled fists.
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