11 real reasons the Sutherland Shire is God’s Country.

A few months ago we bought you 10 real reasons why Wollongong is the happiest city in Australia. Tonight, their northern cousin is getting the same treatment – because it hasn’t earned the ridiculously eye-roll-inducing moniker of God’s Country for no reason . Presenting 11 real reasons that the Sutherland Shire truly is God’s Country:

1. We’ve got our own Nuclear reactor, so we’re basically Springfield’s sister city:


2. The home of fantastic, high brow television production.836990-the-shire3. …and cinema:pubertyblues800(*Editor’s Note: The TV adaptation that Channel 10 did has been fantastic. Check it.)

4. A nightlife that’s the envy of all of Sydney.

993615_645832965446796_1114423384_n5. One word – Carmens. Where the party don’t start ’til you walk in:

miranda36. And who could forget Vinyl Room – where jam-ball donut shots and the Greatest Hits Of Year 6 Discos are all you need to make the night unforgettable:

DSC006847. I think they filmed an episode of the Biggest Loser here once?

7994007434_cd0e638fdb_z8. This friendly dude representing us in Parliament:

ELECTION2013 SCOTT MORRISON PRESSER9. Architecture that’s built to stand the test of time:

maxresdefault10. We’re looked upon with such a fondness by the rest of Sydney as well:  Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 11.11.22 PM11. It’s where Crocodile Dunphy was birthed:

aa-20140426154044127153-620x349What more could you possibly need?

Article by HARRISON CARTWRIGHT, who is thiiiisclose to being another Sutherland Shire survival story.


What are your thoughts?

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