Is this the best tampon ad in history?

Periods can be awkward. When I was a teenager I would get super embarrassed whenever a tampon ad was on TV while being in the same room as any given member of my family. More often than not, these ads would show these crazy narratives that suggest when you’re on your period, you are just as motivated to go for run, even if you had blood leaking out of you and stabbing pains in your abdomen.  As a fourteen-year-old, these ads failed to appeal to me, and failed to make me feel less awkward about having my period at all.

That’s why I love this HelloFlo ad – it’s clever, it’s different from the usual ‘you-can-do-anything-even-on-your-period!’ angle, and it is downright hilarious. Watch it and try to tell me that a grown man dressed in a red morph suit bursting out of a vagina cake didn’t make you laugh.

My favourite line is probably “Your grandpa is bobbing for ovaries like a champ!” Props to HelloFlo’s advertising team!

Words by MADELEINE ER, a freelance writer who suddenly wants to throw a party with a uterus shaped piñata. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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