Thursday night procastination: 8 YouTube time-wasters.

I love YouTube. I love nothing more than a night in eating pizza, drinking some wine and warming my lap with my beloved laptop. I love watching other people do creative stuff while I sit at home and avoid work. YouTube is awesome and I’m sure many of you will agree.

So, in order to supplement everyone’s internet addiction out there, here are some trending, cool, and downright weird videos.

1. Russell Brand’s ‘Trews’:

It’s news, and it’s true. Well, more like formulated, left-wing opinion that raises the importance of humanity over conflict – for the most part anyway. Other than that, it’s super funny too.

2. Watching random people slap each other in the face is weirdly compelling:

If you got into that trending “Strangers kissing each other for the first time” video then you will probably get into this too. It’s actually hilarious and for some reason I couldn’t help but watch until the very end. Possibly a ‘best parody ever’ award?

3. Doe Road Safety – Classroom:

If you are a softie maybe avoid this one. Whoever made this campaign should win awards for marketing.

4. What’s on your mind?:

This one is slightly on the depressing side, it’s a new social media campaign designed for frantic internet users to reassess their daily habits. If you’re reading this post… it’s probably unlikely it will provoke a radical change, but it’s well worth a watch anyway.

5. VSauce:

Are you a science nerd (like me?) or do you just like watching cool, weird random shit on YouTube that probably isn’t that important?  Well, watch this cool shit because you will most likely love it. Prepare yourself, though, it can turn into a 10 minute mind fuck if you aren’t careful.

6. Madcatlady:

Brace yourself – this is possibly the worst thing I have ever watched on YouTube. If you don’t have nightmares after watching this, I don’t think you’re normal. If you think you can handle the madness, try and have a look at the rest of her channel. Her channel indicates signs of loneliness, madness and even some sort of psychotic disorder.

7. ミカエラ:

I’ve been watching this channel on and off for a couple of years now and for some reason I love it. It is almost weird. If you are interested in traveling to Japan, picking up some travel tips or just spying on a foreign culture this is your place. Micaela Braithwaite is a cute, Canadian girl living in Japan, and she knows how to interact with the camera to make you feel like her best friend.

8. Baby X-Tina:

If this doesn’t take you back, I don’t know what will.


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