VIDEO: Facebook-induced FOMO and why it’s not worth it.

Every time you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram, you’re inundated with photos and stories of people that seem to always be having a better time than you. While you’re stuck at work, they’re taking selfies while clubbing in Europe, uploading videos of them hiking, telling everyone about what happened in their stellar life that day.

You get a serious surge of FOMO – which isn’t Arq’s famous foam party, but the Fear Of Missing Out – and you start to pine for a moment of freedom. One where you can snap a photo of a wild animal in its natural habitat, or that amazing breakfast you’ll have when you’re not getting ready for work at dawn.

But are we really missing out on much? This brilliant short film from HigtonBros exposes the gritty reality of what really goes on behind the screens of your glamorous Internet friends.



Words by COURTNEY FRY, who will Snapchat you photos of pints, food, cats and funny moments in life.

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