BULLSH!T Reviews: RÜFÜS + Hayden James + Crooked Colours – Live at Waves (20/06/2014)

Wollongong turned out in their numbers at Waves on Friday night to support one of the more impressive new acts to come out of Australian music. RÜFÜS has been making headlines and selling out tours and with an extremely striking live show it’s easy to see why.

The night opened with synth-pop outfit Crooked Colours, who made an impressive effort in filling out the majority of the venue dance floor before most of the sold out crowd had even finished pre-drinking. Their performance set the mood for the night with solid exhibition of skill and an impressive audio visual display, though I didn’t have a clue who these guys were until RÜFÜS themselves did their stock standard “Thank you support acts” speech. Suspense is cool, but I’ll buy stuff if I know who you are.

After a standard in-between acts wait during which the crowd got steadily larger and drunker, Hayden James took the stage to wow us with his DJ antics and rev the crowd up for the main event. In what I can only describe as a ‘Flume-esque’ performance, Hayden James produced a solid set that had me dancing (something that is quite difficult to get me to do sober) and the venue pumped up for what was to come.

With the venue packed out, drunk and questioning the unknown source of the rotten seafood smell, it was time for RÜFÜS to hit the stage, though it seemed to take an absolute eternity to do it; and while background music is cool to set the mood with, having the same beat pumping into my head for the entire gap between sets is not.

Once they did take the stage, the crowd was blown away by an amazingly tight audio and visual experience that had everyone dancing and grooving along from the opening track in ‘Modest Life’ to the encore performance of ‘Desert Night’, I was that entranced I didn’t even keep track of time. The set covered 90% of their Atlas album, and even a couple of their older tracks to satisfy long-time fans, with the crowd going wild for the above mentioned songs and fan favourites ‘Take Me’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Sarah’.

Unfortunately, this will be the last time RÜFÜS will tour (unless you could afford Splendour in the Grass tickets) before they head overseas to record album two, so it will be sometime before we see them on our shores again. If this performance was anything to go by, these guys can only get bigger and better, and I will definitely be back for round two when it comes along.

Words by SEAN GARRETT, who has been having his own little dance parties in the car ever since Friday night. Follow his inane ramblings on Twitter or check out his other work here

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