NRL star Todd Carney has pissed in his own mouth. That’s it. That’s the headline.

Breaking news, everyone: a footy player has done something really gross and stupid.

Cronulla Sharks player Todd Carney has come under fire after a photo of him engaged in quite vulgar urinal-related antics has gone viral. To put it quite bluntly, he’s pissed in his own mouth. You can see the highly NSFW here, if you know…you’ve finished your breakfast and whatnot.

3802732-3x2-940x627It’s the latest in a long-line of alcohol-related antics that Carney has found himself embroiled in in recent years – there was a drink driving charge in 2006 and vandalism in 2009. He was even caught peeing on another dude in a Canberra night-club in 2008 – so maybe this incident of simply doing it to himself is a massive testament to character growth. Or, you know, footy players being drunken, highly-paid morons.

It’s more bad news for the Cronulla Sharks, who are already enduring one of their worst seasons in history. They’re yet to issue a statement. Neither have the NRL or Carney – although it’s safe to assume the latter is probably busy brushing his own teeth.

You can carry on with your Sunday morning now. But maybe avoid the apple juice.


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18 thoughts on “NRL star Todd Carney has pissed in his own mouth. That’s it. That’s the headline.

  1. The media make exuses for the druggo x swimmers and they have young children and bash their wives, we all make huge mistakes we really have to be careful we don’t end up reading his obituary in the paper.

  2. I’m confused, did he hurt anyone? He didn’t cheat, didn’t lie, didn’t bash anyone, didn’t leave anyone in a coma or glass someone. He just did a stupid thing while drunk, like most people (regardless of the act, people do things when drunk they wouldn’t do otherwise), and was just unlucky enough to have been caught. Lets all shame him, because that makes us better people, right?

    • Dude. You’re defending someone who pissed in their own mouth, and the only thing you can come up with is that he hasn’t bashed anyone into a coma?

      • I totally agree with Nic !!! Have we not got better things to do with out smartphones!!! There are plenty out there that have done far worse than this, Shame on society, shame on the Sharks, shame on the NRL. One the flip side, some lucky club is going to pick up a brilliant player!!!

  3. Animals don’t even p*ss in their own mouths. You know why? Because they are smarter than this moron, who is being paid a ridiculous amount of money. Todd Carney has mental issues.

    • Male goats do – they urinate in their mouths and then spray it over themselves because they think it attracts the female goats – which it does.

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  5. May be he did for a purpose or probably according to his custom if has … as such, he must be given an opportunity to explain why he did the stupit thing.

  6. Cant have someone who kids looks up to pissing in his own mouth, might just start a trend wit the young ones, that what u want? Kids acting like this moron? If u wanna piss in your mouth then thats ur choice, but dont take a picture of it ffs.

  7. He committed no offence, therefore let us just correct him. I believe someone has to counsel him as he has simmilar records especially whilst in the influence of alcohol.

  8. Have a think about this fool, This is not the first time he has come under notice while being on the drink, He is on a huge amount off money playing rugby league He has no respect for himself or anybody else, If another club pick him up they are just as stupid as him, enough is enough it’s about time all clubs started getting far dinkum about problems with players on the drink, It’s time to walk the talk.

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