Robin Thicke, you dirty bastard.

Robin Thicke – the dirty, wealthy, sexist abomination of a man has officially broken up with his wife Paula Patton. Usually, we wouldn’t fucking care, but Thicke’s reaction to the break up is too beautifully embarrassing to not talk about.

Most of us remember Thicke from his Blurred Lines video. The video with the two hot models and the seemingly creepy underlying lyrics that implied that rape was ‘kind of’ OK.

Not to mention that this is the second image that loads on Google images when I type in his name.


I’ll admit, for the first half of the video I didn’t notice the lyrics because some sexy brunette was rolling around the floor with a toy car and a plastic swimming tube device, which I now know was probably just used as some sort of porn paraphernalia for after the clip was shot.

Moving on from his creepy past, Thicke is now trying to not only exploit his personal relationship with his wife but actually get his wife back at the same time (wouldn’t have guessed it). His new video clip rightfully named “Get Her Back” (I know, this guy is a lyrical genius right?) doesn’t only have yet another naked girl caressing herself in it, leaving us to assume that this is exactly what his wife does in her spare time when she is waiting for Robin to get home from his concerts (yes.. honey, ‘concerts’), but the clip also includes previews of short text messages that we can only guess are real messages form his wife. I can’t think of a better way to secure my wife’s privacy during our break-up, can you?

Despite all of this nonsense the music is unmemorable, disappointing and down-right annoying. Wrap all of this up with the fact that the clip itself is of such poor quality that it looks like they were trying to make a parody of Fight Club. With close-up head shots that fade out over a smoky background we can only further assume that we truly are watching something with the production quality of the 80’s.

All in all, Robin Thicke remains a twat, and he is probably making a lot of money off it. Keep it up Thicke, we will be there every step of the way, laughing at you.

Written by SAVANNA SZELSKI who avoids any self-proclaimed musicians who use sexuality as a selling point.

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