11 things we’ve learned from Nina Proudman.

We’re big fans of Offspring here at BULLSH!T. Watching episodes together has become somewhat of a bonding experience for the editorial team, who cling to each other in laughter and tears as the Proudman family encounter all the highs and lows that life has to offer.

Leading the series is Nina Proudman – brilliantly portrayed by Asher Keddie. There’s no other way to say it. She just gets it. Here are some of the things we’ve learned from her over the past five seasons.

1. How to stay hip:

2. How to accept our own flaws:

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 7.20.15 PM3. How to project a trendy facade:

tumblr_msur44riic1shcey2o1_5004. Mastering the art of seduction:

tumblr_mu3h9rOopL1shcey2o1_12805. Interacting with men:

tumblr_mu5772ifsD1shcey2o1_5006. Maintaining composure while under the influence:


7. Owning your sexuality:

tumblr_msuoo9RNOo1shcey2o1_12808. How to rule the d-floor:

tumblr_m4wycorpSX1qjd6xeo1_5009. How to keep a cool head:

tumblr_mu3i1bRGtG1shcey2o1_50010. How to get ready for a date:

tumblr_msx2sq1cnh1shcey2o4_128011. …and finally, just how fragile life can be:

tumblr_mrk1vkAiHZ1reafyzo4_500Let’s face it. We’ve all got a little bit of Nina Proudman in us. That’s certainly not a bad thing.

Offspring airs Wednesdays at 8:30pm on Ten.

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