There’a a TV show called Sex Box, and it’s coming to Australia.

It’s not an adult-oriented product extension to Microsoft’s popular gaming console (God, imagine) and it’s not the name of a 90’s, denim and leather clad boy/girl band; nor is it one of those live shows you’d find along Oxford Street late  on a Friday night.

It’s a reality show that gives real-life couples the exclusive opportunity to do their thang live on air. That’s it, in a nutshell.

SBS2 today announced the airing of controversial UK series Sex Box, a show that has made headlines across the globe for it’s very open approach to what sex means in a contemporary world – and how it affects those involved.

In what can only be described as the final frontier for broadcast television, the program sees couples engaging in sexual acts in the ‘sex box’, which to its credit, is totally soundproof and concealed. Following that is an… erm… intimate conversation with the shows host. The thrust of the program is mainly an attempt to unravel sexuality and sex (as well as the emotions involved with sex) in the immediate aftermath to the deed being done.

We were all raised on horny twenty-something Big Brother contestants swapping oral favors beneath doona covers, so it’s hardly revolutionary television – but the panel-like approach is certainly a new angle to penetrate the issue from.



I’ve got to give credit to the participants on this series. I can’t even stand hearing my own voice played back to me so, kudos, I guess?

Countdown is on until we get a local adaptation hosted by Kyle and Jacki O.

You can catch Sex Box on SBS2, Fridays at 9:30 from July 18


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