Diplo & Friends mix: make way for WAVE RACER.

Source: Purple Sneakers

Source: Purple Sneakers

So much yes. Diplo teamed up with our Australian mate Wave Racer (Thomas Purcell) to create something beautiful. It’s been long in the waiting for Wave Racer to mix a Diplo & Friends set and it seems his new best friend Alison Wonderland may have a lot to do with that. Following Wonderland Warehouse Project Wave Racer is gaining a lot of attention form the public, quickly becoming a well-known name in the EDM house music scene. He performed along side Wonderland in Melbourne’s organised warehouse party, debuting Alison’s warehouse tour around Australia.

In the past, the 19 year old Sydney music producer has performed alongside XXYYXX, Basenji and Ryan Hemsworth. Entering the dance music scene with 16bt samples, an explosion of happy pop and a trend of ‘Japanese-influenced, maximalism’ he is making some seriously cool music whilst carving himself a reputation. Wave Racer can be defined as one of Australia’s chillest DJs, and his laid-back nature resembles a guy who is not only devoted to good music, but also an appealing experimentation of unusual and poppy samples.

Unfortunately, Wave Racer released his Diplo & Friends mix uploading it as a free download for only 24 hours. That 24 hours ended this afternoon. If you’re lucky enough to have got your hands on the mix then everyone will probably fucking hate you.

Otherwise listen to his Soundcloud here. Expect to hear more from Wave Racer as he blasts through the scene.



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