WATCH: What does Russell Brand think of gay marriage?

Comedian/Smartass/Legendary dude Russell Brand has delivered an outstanding, 8-minute breakdown of why basically every argument against gay marriage is pretty ridiculous.

The video is a reaction to conservative US commentator Dr. Ben Carson, who calls marriage a “traditional pillar of society” and insists that the “definition should not be changed”. It features Brand’s trademark mix of wit, snark, and intelligence.

Dr. Carson rattles off an almost nonsensical metaphor about mathematics and changing the definition of numbers, equating it to “mathaphobia”. Brand hits back, noting that “He’s demonstrated how far away from the current frequency of thought he is by comparing a current social and civil idea like sexuality to an objective system of signs, like arithmetic”.

You can watch the full video, which has already clocked nearly 50,000 views, below.

WARNING: It contains footage from FOX news, so yeah, bigotry ahead.

Highlight of the video comes towards the end, where Mr. Fox News lauds Dr. Carson for ‘standing strong’ and apologies to him for having to ‘go through that treatment for speaking his mind and being and individual’.

“Welcome to my world,” finishes the poor, persecuted white Fox News reporter.

Methinks someone needs to arrange a live debate between Dr. Carson and Brand. That’s something I’d pay very good money to see.


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