Please Like Me nabs third season renewal.

Good news for fans of Josh Thomas, and the little Australian sitcom that could: Please Like Me has been picked up for another season. Why is this so notable? Australian sitcoms rarely manage to get it this right – and the second season hasn’t even aired yet.

It’s an enormous show of faith from US youth network Pivot, who came on board as co-funders of the series after their broadcast of season one was met with critical acclaim and several prominent accolades. In the last 12 months alone, the series has earned the 2014 AACTA for best comedy series, the Australian Writer’s Guild award for best comedy script, and a GLAAD media award in the US.

On the renewal, the ABC’s head of comedy Rick Kawlowski noted that “ABC TV couldn’t be prouder to continue our association with Pivot in the US, or of the new season two, which is a cracker from start to finish”.

Source: ABC2

Source: ABC2

Please Like Me centres around Thomas’s character Josh. It offers an often hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking look into how contemporary adult life looks this side of the new millennium. It explores themes of coming out, love and loss, and it co-stars BULLSH!T fave Caitlin Stasey, who has been making headlines around the world recently for all the right reasons.

Here’s hoping the new batch of episodes bring more moments like this:

You can catch a preview of the second season premiere below:

The second season of Please Like Me premieres August 12, 9:30pm on ABC2.


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