NEWS: Support for Marriage Equality climbs to record highs.

Support for marriage equality in Australia has reached another new high of 72%, reveals a new Crosby Texor poll released this morning. The report also revealed that support for a conscience vote amongst the Liberal Party has climbed to 77%. Opposition levels have also tumbled, down to just 21%.

The poll also reveals that support for marriage equality amongst the general public is now higher than it was in both Great Britain and New Zealand, when the legislation was passed in both countries.

Source: Andrew Sheargold

Source: Andrew Sheargold

On the news, AME director Rodney Croome said that “With Australians across all key demographics supporting marriage equality in record numbers, it’s fair to say the public has made up its mind, the community debate has been won, and it’s time for politicians to act”.

Most telling in all of this is the fact that support has continued to rise even the issue has found itself on the political back burner.

Prominent marriage equality Grinch/PM Tony Abbott has yet to weigh in, and probably won’t – although if he does it will surely be to maintain the “something something matter for the party room” line he’s been super-glued to all this time. Neither has Fred Nile, but we’ll be watching his Twitter feed with baited breath this morning.

Either way, the people have spoken once again – and they’re only going to be getting louder.

So come on Australia. In the words of iconic pop princess Gwen Stefani:


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