Adelaide artist takes direct action on Wicked vans

Wicked Campers have been the centre of attention recently, with images of their vans’ artwork reaching viral status on Facebook and other social media sites. It’s not for the right reasons, either. Many of the vans have crass and degrading slogans sprayed on them – commonly sexually degrading women, and perpetuating negative perspectives toward sexuality.

An Adelaide artist has gone one step further and taken direct action against the Wicked Vans, covering up the explicit comments on the backs of the rental vehicles with witty remarks.

Artist takes direct action against Wicked Vans

Probably illegal, but he gets our ‘Champion of the Week’ award.

Wicked Campers have come forth with a response to the uproar – sparked by a complaint to the Australian Advertising Standards Board, penned by the 11 year old daughter of Sydneysider Paula Orbea – which has kind of addressed the problem, but not really. A bit like donkey-swaps in the canteen line, you win a bit, but ultimately you lose when the person who let you behind them buys the last pizza rounder.

Wicked Camper vans have always been a beacon on carefree, backpacking travelling delight to me, and summers in my home town were littered with them and the young nomads within their confides. These people are in the prime of their youthful lives, and though parading around in filthy sayings that you would never utter around your grands may seem like a risqué and cheeky thing to do, it’s imperative to be surrounding young people with positive notions about sexuality.


Words by COURTNEY FRY, who may have just made up the unofficial ‘BULLSH!T Champion of the Week’ award.

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