WATCH: Penny Wong nails all that’s wrong with homophobia.


Senator Penny Wong had some very significant words to say in Parliament today, regarding the culture of casual homophobia, and its damaging effect on society.

The stirring speech acts as a response of sorts to AFL commentator, who over the weekend made reference to a player as a “big poofter”. While Taylor has since apologised, the manner of which he did so has been bought into question – and it’s begun a very intense dialogue regarding the culure of LGBT acceptance in Australia – both on and off the field.

It’s been a big week for gay rights in Australia. Sporting hero Ian Thorpe came out, and a new study revealed that support for marriage equality is now sitting at a record high. It’s impossible to deny the forward momentum for gay rights in this country at the moment – so why does such damaging language still form an enormous part of the average Aussie’s lexicon?

As Wong puts it:

That fact is, we still hear homophobic comments and slurs bandied around as if they’re acceptable, harmless, just a bit of a laugh. Well it isn’t a laugh to a young person growing up, working out who they are, surrounded by an atmosphere of hostility. They can feel alone, isolated from their peers, isolated from their community and sometimes even their family.

You can catch the full video below:




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