Greens behind new push to legalize green.

ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury is behind a renewed push to legalise medical cannabis, allowing the terminally and chronically ill to grow marijuana, in an effort to relieve pain and symptoms.

200_sUnder the proposed legislation, those wanting to use the drug would need to obtain a medical declaration from their doctor, which would then allow them to apply for a one-year usage permit. Rattenbury envisions that the legislation would be particularly beneficial for those with chronic illnesses.

You know, totally the only people in Australia who ever blaze up. Nobody else does it. Ever.

For the legislation to be passed through, it’s going to need the support of both sides of politics in the territory, with the hopes that community feedback over the coming months will be enough to bring opponents of the legislation around to the idea. The ACT were also the first to state or territory to legislate for marriage equality in the country (however short-lived), and this will only further to cement the oddly progressive place in the nation they currently hold.

Hey, if anything its going to make Canberra a more interesting place to visit….

giphyYour move, rest of Australia.


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One thought on “Greens behind new push to legalize green.

  1. Marijuana for medicinal purposes has been used for thousand of years, only helping not hurting only healing not and never has been destructive Australia allows the sale of liquor in our local shopping center for all the family to see and be involved with what an evil poison. Marijuana is a medicine the pill makers don’t like that big pharmacy big money to support governments to say no to natural grow yourself medicine. Shame on greed and power. Deny us of what nature provides you have no right !

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