Hello, Jerry. Hello, Newman.

After weeks of rumours, impatience, and possibly re-watching old episodes of the show, the special Seinfeld pack of Emojis are finally available. For all those times you wanted to convey your feelings through a tiny version of George Costanza’s head, you now can.

The 41 emojis are based on the Seinfeld2000 twitter account, which regularly tweets out strange plot lines for Seinfeld if it were airing today. Not so much the Curb Your Enthusiasm reboot, but more poorly-spelt, parodies, akin to Dolan & Gooby.

The emoji pack includes key figures and things from the original show, including the Soup Chef, pretzels, the Frogger arcade game, and a copy of Rochelle, Rochelle on DVD.

It’s like Festivus has come early.


Feature image courtesy of Vanity Fair


Words by COURTNEY FRY, who will only communicate using these emojis from now. Sorry friends/family/loved ones.

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