Tony Abbott has said some really stupid shit over the years.

Are you lacking direction in your life? Are you wondering what the next step is? Do you sometimes, look to the sky and think ‘Higher powers, give me WISDOM.’

Your thoughts and prayers have finally been answered. Because Tony Abbott, the Suppository of Wisdom is here. 

The what now?

Remember that time Tony made the embarrassing gaffe, and became the butt of all jokes? In case you forgot this was a direct quote from the PM himself:

“No one…however smart, however well-educated, however experienced … is the suppository of all wisdom.”

Hmmm okay then.

In a bid to #NeverForget this, some clever person/people have created this website, which pretty much showcases Tony Abbott talking out of his arse a lot. In other words, some of his more memorable quotes. Such as….

Tony Abbott Suppository of Wisdom


You can check out the site by clicking this link. 

Words by TAHLIA PRITCHARD, who can never resist having a little dig at Tone Abet. 

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