Hobart College chaplain makes outstanding case for removing school chaplains.

In news that will (unfortunately) not really shock anybody, Hobart College chaplain Troy Williams has come under fire after posting the following image on his own Facebook page yesterday:

Source: Facebook.com

Source: Facebook.com

It has since been removed, with the education department taking swift action to condemn the mans actions.

Responding to the ABC, Williams issued the following ‘apology’:

I’ve made a mistake and learnt from it. I’m deeply sorry for any offence (sic) I’ve caused. I was very careless in posting that image for discussion. I will work with my employers to ensure there is no repeat.

So basically, it’s the standard “I’m not sorry I did it, I’m just sorry people caught me”. Classy stuff, as usual – from an allegedly trained professional whose entire occupation is counselling students.

While the Abbott Government’s $245 million School Chaplaincy program was recently ruled invalid by the High Court, it’s pretty frightening to think that people in such positions of influence and power are still operating in schools, and spreading such toxic ideas. Something’s gotta be done – and it should really be done quickly.

Because seeing that shit when you’re a struggling kid? That’s dangerous.

Religion in schools, folks. Gotta love it.

Source: Tumblr.com


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One thought on “Hobart College chaplain makes outstanding case for removing school chaplains.

  1. Judgmentalism is a strange thing. Today this guy posts something that labels him homophobic. Six months ago the same guy posts that he is for gay marriage and he labelled a gay advocate.

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