Signs you were an Emo teen.

1) You hated being called ‘Emo’


“Uh Emo stands for EMOTIVE HARDCORE, which is a GENRE of music, pretty sure a person cannot be a GENRE of music, IDIOTS.”

2) You identified with this song.

“I’m not O FUCKING KAY.”

3) You owned a fine-toothed comb so your hair could look like this:


4) You carried around a book of poetry/songs/drawings which portrayed how misunderstood you were

5) You were known as the Emo kid in your class


 6) And won awards like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.34.37 pm

7) While you hated being called ‘Emo’ you spent time on forums, identifying with other people who were definitely not ‘Emos.’

For example… 

8) You tried to educate your ‘mainstream’ friends on music with hardcore/screamo/whatever-you-want-to-call-them vocals


9) And failed


10) You had at least two different colours in your hair

11) And had to replace your eye-liner every other week

12) When Fallout Boy released ‘Infinity on High’ you strongly believed they sold out


13) But still secretly jammed to ‘This Ain’t A Scene…’


14) The Black Parade was your version of heaven


No, not the actual album. But the WHOLE concept. Ya know?

15) Band t-shirts. All the band t-shirts.


16) You said pretentious quotes to demonstrate your strong music knowledge, mainly to people who probably wouldn’t even understand what you were talking about.

“Saosin is nothing without Anthony Green.”


17) When ‘Emo’ music became more universally accepted around 2005/06, you were both excited and terrified


18) Because when your ‘mainstream’ friends started expressing their love for Taking Back Sunday, you had to keep yourself from rolling your eyes in disdain.

“Um hello, have you heard anything other than Make Damn Sure FFS.”


19) You took ridiculous selfies, and sometimes captioned them with deep and depressing lyrics


20) Myspace was your haven

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 4.23.19 pm

Bands were your best friends, you had a selfie album, changing your layout to suit your mood was a must…those were the days.

21) You at least had one bedroom wall that was black

And filled with posters of course.

22) Staple outfit: Band t-shirt, skinny leg jeans, converses.


23) Dress up outfit: Band t-shirt, skinny leg jeans, converses.

signs you were an emo teen

24) You secretly sometimes listened to popular or hipster music but would never admit to it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 4.42.14 pm

25) And now seven years on, you secretly listen to all your Emo jams, and rarely admit to it.



List compiled by TAHLIA PRITCHARD. Who 100% still has a My Chemical Romance poster on her (unfortunately no longer black) wall. 

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