Casting announcement for the Gina Rinehart telemovie is very hot. Like a sunrise.

Fairfax Media has this morning reported that the nationwide search for a young starlet to take the role of Gina Rinehart in Nine’s upcoming House of Hancock telemovie is finally over, with Mandy McElhinney is set to star as the mining giant.

Not familiar with McElhinney? You should be. She most recently starred in the first series of Nine’s Lovechild – but more importantly, she did this:

It’s a big step-up for the actress – who rose to fame sipping cocktails on a beach in Bali and will now be stepping into the big role of playing Australia’s richest woman. No need to worry about those savings with AAMI now, hey?

Shooting on the telemovie is set to get underway in the coming weeks. The rest of the cast for the Claudia Karvan produced flick are yet to be announced – but failure to include a Ketut cameo would be downright criminal.


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Feature image care of Bloomberg.


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