SH!T WATCH: The week that was.

Creating SH!T WATCH is our cheeky little way of keeping tabs on the media: the bad, the funny and the downright questionable. And discriminating by leaving some websites out would be plain WRONG.

Having said that…


Love it when Blinky Billy and Gina Reinhardt come out to play.

And when our editor Haz picked up on the mistake?

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 6.54.58 pm

Here at BULLSH!T we spell, and we spell guuuuud.

This weeks (inaugural) Clickbait Trophy goes to MAMAMIA (huge plot twist we know) who deemed it wholly appropriate to employ the practice with a story reporting on domestic violence:

BULLSH!T SH!T WATCH MAMAMIALet’s just keep the clickbaiting to which celebrity changed their hair lately shall we?

We even made a trophy for you. It’s yours to keep until next Friday, at which point we’ll be passing it on to someone else. Enjoy! It’s quite shiny and new:

Clickbait Trophy MM

‘My photoshop skillz are off the chart’ – Haz

In Mamamia’s credit this week, they have done a great job at being very vocal re: in petitioning to stop politicians attending the World Congress of Families. So you know, there’s that.

THOUGHT CATALOG came out with this gem of an article this week:

BULLSH!T SH!T WATCH THOUGHT CATALOG Racism / wildly negative stereotyping. Phuck yeah.

Meanwhile GAWKER had this monstrosity, while attempting to diss (?)* BuzzFeed:


*Question mark because we honestly have no fucking clue what they were trying to do.

On the subject of Robin Williams’ sad passing, some media outlets got a little too gory with their details (which we have blurred out, due to the distressing nature of the headline):



We don’t expect much from ET online, but such details are not necessary in an article, let alone a headline.

Fairfax journalist Mike Carlton’s resignation was controversial, but then The DAILY TELEGRAPH decided to take it one step further (as they tend to do) with this image:



Let’s take a closer look shall we?




Yes, that is an image of a Boston Bombing victim. The Daily Telegraph has since issued an apology.

That’s all for now! Check back in next week – and until then, we’ll be watching.


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