You can now play Flappy Bird creator’s new game.


Working today? Thought you were gonna be productive? Too freaking bad.

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has released his latest game, Swing Copters, and in a shock to no one, you’re going to be playing the game over and over again to beat your high score. In my case, unfortunately, the high score I was trying to beat was zero. Swing Copters is HARD.

The game isn’t too far removed from Flappy Bird: instead of navigating a bird through obstacles, you navigate a helicopter dude; instead scrolling horizontally, it scrolls vertically; instead of tapping to make your bird jump up and down, you tap to make you helicopter alternate left and right. Even visually, the game use the same style of presentation.

The big difference is in the learning curve. When Flappy Bird launched, a lot of people complained about its difficulty, saying they couldn’t score over five points. While my friends and I initially found the game difficult, in a matter of minutes we soon found ourselves getting the hang of the mechanics and beating our high scores over and over (I still remain king at 68 points). This was probably because each round of Flappy Bird gives users a few seconds at the start to practice jumping without obstacles.

The helicopter in Swing Copters is designed to move in a way that is more particular that Flappy Bird‘s titular character and requires more familiarity with the movements, but doesn’t allow much room for players to get used to the helicopter’s movements, with obstacles present from the get-go. As a result, despite failing on the first obstacle countless times, I barely improved.

I did eventually achieve a new high score of one point, but unlike with Nguyen’s last game, I won’t be chasing bigger and better scores. Failing constantly because I can’t practice my helicopter movements is truly infuriating. A lot of people called Flappy Bird bad simply because it was hard, but the game did everything it set out to do really well — it had tight, addictive gameplay, and was designed to be tough on beginners. Swing Copters, too, is not a bad game, again featuring tight and possibly addictive gameplay, but it offer users no room to breathing room to get a handle on the controls.

Swing Copters is available for free on iOS and Android.

Image via 9to5mac

Words by VINCENT VARNEY, who dares you to beat his high score of one point.


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