Aboriginal Affairs NSW got hacked and nobody noticed.

Not for a solid two years.

Thanks to a tip-off on Instagram of all places, we’ve stumbled upon one of the best/worst hacks in websites that end in .gov.au – the NSW Aboriginal Affairs website.

Back in January 2012, someone somewhere must have worked their way into the government website to promote their favourite porn site. (Note: The post has since been removed) It’s one ‘for the adults’, as they strictly state. Plus, it’s not that crappy poor-quality bump & grind you get on these sub-par websites, either. It’s the real deal, and it needs to be shared with the greater Australian community, apparently.

Aboriginal Affairs hacked promoting porn

‘All kinds of nude stuffs’ can be found on the site that’s linked, and everything is ‘made by experts’, so you know it’s for real.

This last minute award for archived hack of the week goes to NSW Aboriginal Affairs for something that we missed two years ago. Bravo.


Words by COURTNEY FRY who now knows exactly where to go for all the expertly curated ‘nude stuffs’. 

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