SH!T WATCH: Parody accounts, a new Clickbait Trophy recipient and other assorted fun things.

Welcome back to SH!T WATCH. You should know the drill by now, but just in case – SH!T WATCH is our special little place on the Internet where we call shit on things that happened…on the Internet.

Without further ado…

To start on a lighter note, SameSame earned our hearty applause for this cheeky sell earlier in the week:

Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 8.30.28 PMWe see what you did there. Fantastic.

Thought Catalog put this one up on Twitter and um:



So basically:

Meanwhile, Pedestrian TV’s career-orientated offshoot proved once again it is no longer about creative jobs at all and should really stop claiming to be:

Source: Pedestrian Jobs

On the topic of a different type of pedestrian, were asking the big questions this week:



Phew, can finally get a good sleep tonight now after that investigative piece.

Moving on:

Source: Channel [V]

Source: Channel [V]

If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck etc. Or you know, where there’s clicks, there’s clickbaiting.

Channel [V] you didn’t win this weeks Clickbait Trophy but we’re on to you.

Speaking of, Mamamia it’s time to hand it back to us. We’d like to pass it on to…

Everyone actually, for coverage of this week’s news that Facebook is cracking down on clickbaiting. Sites were very quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Like BuzzFeed:



Tech site NakedSecurity got in on the fun:


As did Fstoppers:4


…and well, we did too.



So just like Voldemort split his soul into different Horcruxes, so too are we splitting up this week’s trophy.



#Imagen parody accounts are the new social media trend? Well if you’re on Twitter you may have noticed the influx of parody accounts surfacing in the past week or so. From Mia Freedman to Sharri Markson and Women against Feminism, parody accounts are taking over twitter feeds errrywhere.

For all those who don’t have Twitter and wonder how it all works, it’s a sarcastic take on whichever media/polticial/celebrity figure the account is portraying – much like Seinfield2000 or Rudd2000.

For example:








Finally, major kudos to this guy, for possibly coming up with the best ever way to shut down an Ice Bucket Challenge nomination.

Until next week!

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