You know those lockout laws? Police want them expanded to Newtown, too.

Police have today urged the NSW Government to consider extending the current lockout laws to other popular parts of Sydney, including Newtown and Erskeinville.

You know those laws. The ones that funnel thousands of drunk, angry people onto the streets at 3am. With no way home except a pricey cab ride or the Night Rider (aka the 7th circle of hell on wheels). The ones that…aren’t really working at all, if we’re being real here.

Yeah, those ones.

Source: True Local

Source: True Local

The police submission reads that:

“The issues that were occurring in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross were not unique. In fact, we have been approached by … Newtown and Erskinville residents who report that the issues relating to alcohol related crime and anti-social behavior in Newtown are the same as in Kings Cross and the CBD.

This is not a displacement affect but they indicate it has been a problem for some time due to the 24 hour licensed premises in the area.”

If implemented, it’s just going to be ‘Bandaid for a Bullet Wound – the Sequel’. A quick fix for a problem that is much bigger than those legislating are prepared to face. It’s going to be stitching a lot of people up – business, employees, and the overwhelming majority who are actually capable of enjoying a night out without being a complete fuckwit.

But hey – I don’t make the laws.

For what is supposed to be one of the most happening cities in the country, they sure do seem keen on getting us in bed early.


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