J.Lo and Iggy Azalea butt bait audience with “Booty” film clip teaser

The booty revolution in Hollywood continues this week, dragging us into it’s memorising, jiggling, twerking clutches. Jumping on the booty bandwagon with Nicki Minaj and Megan Trainor, Jennifer Lopez is now ready to shake what her Mumma gave her.

This week, J.Lo released a 30 second teaser of the new film clip for her latest release, “Booty”. Of course, no song titled “Booty” would be complete without Iggy Azalea. The clip shows a wet, slippery J.Lo grinding on the floor and against a wall, instructing us to “work”.

A gel-like substance begins to drip over J.Lo’s chest and Iggy joins in on the fun, coupled with seductive gazes into the camera. This 30 second teaser definitely has us intrigued to see if this film clip can match the regal sexuality and self-liberty of Nicki Minaj. Let the booty war begin.

WORDS BY CYNDALL MCINERNEY. Take a look at her other articles here. Don’t forget to follow BULLSH!T on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


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