Apple announce new iPhone; iWatch. Internet reacts with expected cynicism.

There are few things that can be counted on more in life than the collective cynicism of social media whenever Apple sees fit to chuck out some new products.

Of course, said cynicism doesn’t change the fact that most of us are still going to rush out and throw giant wads of cash at Tim Cook and Co. when new products are launched, but still, when in Rome, right?

We’re not a tech blog. You can go elsewhere on the internet for all the deets on the new iWatch, tablet-sized iPhone 6 ( iPhabuloussss!) and new mobile payment system which means even deliberately leaving your credit card at home is no guarantee for financial safety on a messy night out.

What we can do is bring you a collection of some of the snarkiest reactions the internet had to the announcement.

…and my personal favorite:


Really, the only thing I took out of today’s announcement is that now there’s going to be an iPhone with an even bigger screen to smash – but hey, maybe I’m pessimistic.

The iPhone 6 and 6+ will be released September 19th – with the iWatch due to drop early next year. Tech boners at the ready.

Feature Image: Apple//


What are your thoughts?

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