Introducing: NEW FlyLo

Flying Lotus has teamed up with Kendrick Lemar to produce, well, a Flylo tune that you would exactly expect.

Although expected, Flying Lotus’s style is so infectiously cool that it’s something we are relieved to hear. Flylo’s style is religiously experimental and everything he does, from his most recent album DUALITY produced by his rap alter-ego Captain Murphy, to his work COSMOGRAMMA in 2010 that featured smooth electronic pieces emphasize the essence of progressive new-era jazz-tronic and ethereal hip-hop. Everywhere we look in Flying Lotus’ work we see a synthetic brew of the old and the new, the forgotten and the remembered, the cool and the uncool. His talent brings opposing ideas together making the creation feel and sound so natural.

His new work is not only a relief but also a justification of Flylo’s effortless style. His work is constantly characterized by underlying synth lines that flow like the waters of the Mekong Delta: a consistent conflict of tranquil harmonics and treacherous rapids of clashing samples. With passion and attuned experience he unpredictably brings his listeners back to a relaxed experimentation of the chill, while systematically slicing the effortless music with frantic beats and frenzied images that often suggest profound messages. To me, he is a master of many atmospheres and his new single with Kendrick continues to feed a healthy explosion of the unusual, the interesting and the chilled.

The album isn’t about the end.. It’s really the beginning…

His new single NEVER CATCH ME (feat. Kendrick Lemar) is an alluring introduction to his new album YOU’RE DEAD, that will be released October 6.

As we wait, we can plunge into the world that is Flying Lotus through his teaser video for YOU’RE DEAD, which presents as not only a visual head-fuck, but a perfect example of the multi-talented and multi-instrumentalist’s natural ability to create binary productions.

Here more about YOU’RE DEAD here.



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