SH!T WATCH: How not to use puns and a new clickbait trophy winner.

Welcome to another week of SH!TWATCH –  where we call shit on different media outlets for various reasons.

Let’s just get straight into it.

All websites like to use a good pun every now and then – or if you’re a community local newspaper perhaps every second day. But see, there are puns that are put in headlines or shares that are sneaky and funny, and then there are puns thrown in for the sake of it…that make absolutely no sense. See case in point:





Mamamia, sorry, but maybe it’s time to nip the puns in the bud.

Then there was this, erm, messy one from The Age:



Anyone got the tissues?


Once again, the Daily Telegraph decided to use questionable images to accompany their ‘journalism’.



Here’s a pic of an act of terrorism to keep you calm guys.




Pardon us for being the Sensitivity Police but…


Is this really the time for quirky photoshop jobs?


On a more light-hearted note, apparently we congratulate people on dating now:



Congrats guys on both deciding you don’t want to sleep with other people! Well done! What fantastic inspiration for an article!

Slow news day maybe…


Now to the coveted Clickbait Trophy – look we won’t lie, it was a teeny bit harder to find a recipient this week. But we got there eventually.



Uhhh what did it make you realise? It made you realise the online dating site is nothing like Farmer Wants a Wife? It made you realise the importance of looking where you walk otherwise you may tread on cow manure? It made you seriously ponder what came first: the chicken or the egg?

Either way, whatever, still don’t care enough to click on the link.

Here you go Thought Catalog. For not being very thought-provoking you get the shiny trophy this week. Take care of him.




Until next week, friends.


If you have anything that you deem worthy to put in our weekly SHI!TWATCH segment, drop us a line at 


Feature image courtesy of CBC|Punchline


What are your thoughts?

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