Nude scandal continues: Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Aubrey Plaza latest targets.

Beware, The Fappening has resurfaced.

A new trove of sensitive images and video were dumped overnight on 4Chan and Reddit, following the initial release of content obtained after a 4Chan user hacked Apple’s iCloud servers. It’s not certain if the user for Fappening II is the original dumper, but this round of intimate content includes Vanessa Hudgens, Aubrey Plaza, and Kim Kardashian West.

Despite Reddit removing the original thread, known as The Fappening, after legal threats were made by the individuals’ lawyers, this second bloom of nude photos and videos has managed to occur – apparently also including unseen images of Jennifer Lawrence, US soccer player Hope Solo, and Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco.

The Fappening Reddit thread banned

Although the sites have been quick to remove the sensitive content, a lot of users were quicker – taking screengrabs and uploading them to Twitter and Imgur. No, we’re not going to show you, but it probably wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to find them.

USA Today reported that on September 1, the FBI announced that it would begin an investigation into this incredible invasion of privacy. Representatives of Lawrence stated that prosecutions will be made to anyone posting the content.

It is also reported that content containing Avril LavigneLake BellAly and AJ MichalkaMary-Kate OlsenEmma Stone and Hayden Panettiere was released.

Urgh, Internet. Just stop this invasion of privacy and blatant slut-shaming, thanks.


Feature image: Eva Rinaldi


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