The Bachelor: Your guide to the final four.

With The Bachelor soon coming to a close, we’ve taken a closer look at the four contestants left standing. Very soon, realtor and James Earl Jones impersonator Blake Garvey will decide which of these lucky ladies will be charged with replenishing the Garvey dynasty and, in the case of his untimely death, be the sole inheritor of the Garvey fortune.



Age: 24

Believes she and Blake were lovers in a past life: Sounds like something she’d think

Rumour has it: She may have eaten the remains of Laurina’s dirty street pie

Favourite quote: Anything that comes out of a Hallmark card

Would be hilarious to watch lose: Yes



Born: Queensland

Sort of looks like: Kate Middleton, but definitely doesn’t sound like her

Daily routine: Being too reserved with Blake, vowing to be more open next time, suffering short-term memory loss and repeating the painful process

Most adorable quality: Laughs at the end of every sentence

Most irritating quality: Laughs at the end of every sentence



Occupation: Events Planner

Interests: Not Blake, that’s for sure

Time needed to move on from Blake: One minute for every time she found the thought of spending life with Blake at least slightly appealing

Known to the other contestants as: “The girl who makes me incredibly insecure”

Reason for joining competition: Beats living in Queensland



Gender: Female

Political views: Several

Primary Dungeons & Dragons class: Paladin

Hopes Blake’s will requires that he is buried in a golden sarcophagus in which she too will be entombed so that they may walk the afterlife hand-in-hand: Uhh, sure

Mints: Forever stuck down the front of her dress

Images via Ten


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