Young Labor were set up on blind dates with Young Liberals. What could possibly go wrong?

So, pop culture website Vice took it upon themselves to conduct a little social experiment. They set up a couple of blind dates, each pairing a Young Liberal with a Young Labor member. It’s student politics like you’ve never seen it before.

University of Melbourne students Matthew Lesh and Deborah Wu hit up AMF for some bowling fun, while La Trobe students Bridget Bourke and Jack Aquilina headed out for coffee. Discussions were had. So were awkward pauses.

How this isn’t a reality show yet is beyond me. The below is at least 90% more entertaining than anything Channel 10 has thrown at us with the Bachelor this year.

It doesn’t matter what side of politics you hail from, it’s pretty compelling (and cringe-worth) viewing:


And suddenly, even the worst dates I’ve been on seem that much less awkward.



Original story via VICE.



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