BULLSH!T REVIEWS: Tove Lo – Queen of the Clouds.

Turns out Sweden isn’t just good for IKEA…

Introducing Tove Lo. The Swedish-born artist has written songs for artists like Cher Lloyd and Icona Pop – but it’s in her first studio-length album that she is really able to shine through and stand as an artist of her own making.

In debut album ‘Queen of the Clouds‘, she displays a sophistication and mastery of the elements it takes to pull together a successful record like few other pop acts have managed to pull off with their first outings.

‘My Gun’ brings curtains up with operatic tones – that quickly segue into a much more fast-paced and energetic track – setting the tone for what comes to unfold over the rest of the album. The track becomes quite representative for what is to follow. Each time you think this record is going to zig, it ends up zagging. And this is what sets it apart from other contemporary pop albums that have hit the market this year.

A clear standout is ‘Timebomb’ – an energetic track that wouldn’t be out of place on any number of fitness playlists. That’s not to take anything away from lead single ‘Habits’. It’s a catchy tune in its own right, where that delicate balance is struck – one which so few modern acts seem to be able to master. It straddles that line between story and song in a way that is pleasing to both the mind and  soul. In fact, there’s a pretty compelling story at its heart – one which anybody who has been burned before would more than be able to identify with.

Compelling is quite an effective way to consider the whole record. Tove Lo has arrived on the scene with that enigmatic and engaging sound that so few manage to successfully master – particularly on their first studio-length outing.

Queen of the Clouds‘ is a record that’s difficult to sum up in so few words – and there in lies the beauty of it. She says it herself in ‘Moments’, that ‘I am charming as fuck’. That about sums up the entire experience. I’d say we can all be expecting big things from this name in the future.


‘Queen of the Clouds’ is out today, care of Universal Music Australia.

Images: Johannes Helje/Universal Music Sweden.


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