SH!T WATCH: Miranda Derp-vine; Thought(less) Catalog – and the dawn of a new Clickbait Champion.

Welcome to another week of SH!T WATCH. And what a good week it has been…

It’s not really news to us that Miranda Devine is a bit of a moron… but Miranda pls.



Remember when Thought Catalog was an interesting collection of personal essays and a genuinely thought-provoking platform for people to tell their stories?


Some uncomfortable imagery from SameSame, particularly when you consider certain rates of a certain something amongst certain groups of people:

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 6.03.30 PM





Look we realise the three-boobed woman thing was so bizarre it HAD to make headlines, but let’s be real Jezebel. It’s probably not exactly considered breaking news.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.37.23 pm

Source: Via


Fairfax made a fuck up when they decided to publish an image of a young man in The Age (and consequently some of their other publications including SMH) with the headline ‘TEENAGE TERRORIST.’ The main problem? They used the wrong photo:  the image accompanying the headline was an innocent boy and according to SBS he is now scared to leave his house. 






Fairfax has since issued an apology.

And really, it was just a bad week all round for newspapers:



We rest our case.

To end the week on a more lighthearted note, it’s award ceremony time again. That’s right, move over Logies and Arias. The Clickbait Trophy is here to take over…

This weeks recipient…well look, they didn’t even TRY to mask the clickbaiting. And you won’t believe why…

sunrise clickbait


Here you go Kosher from Sunrise Kochie. This one is all yours:

Clickbait Trophy 5


Stay tuned for next week!



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