The state that’s selling sex toys to pay off a $200 million debt.

We’ve all been there: so broke we’re eating two-minute noodles for the fourth time this week, and then we remember that there’s a huge bill coming up and we’ve got no idea how we’re going to pay it. Nek minnit, a bright idea hits… let’s sell our crap on eBay! (If we’re lucky there’ll even be an extra $50 left over for drinks on Friday #winning).

Solid plan.

Kansas, a state in the good old U S of A, is facing some similar trouble. They’re looking down the barrel of a $200 million deficit, brought about by some newly implemented tax cuts.

Enter Governor Sam Brownbeck, the politician who implemented said tax cuts, with an idea to save the state – to sell off the assets seized from the businesses who failed to pay their taxes in an online auction.

Fair game, until it came to light that one of the biggest businesses to go bust (pun intended) was an adult entertainment store.

The Kansas City Star is reporting:

‘The online site lists about 400 lots – individual lots can contain dozens of items – that include the Pipedream Fantasy Love Swing, books, hundreds of DVDs, sex and drinking games, a wide assortment of sexually oriented equipment, the carrying cases for devices, the Glass Pleasure Wand, bundles of lingerie and the Cyberskin Foot Stroker.’

In the name of research, we looked up several of the items on that list, and it’s safe to say that the state of Kansas should be out of debt in no time. We’re sure both the politicians and the citizens of Kansas will be very happy with this outcome.

Obviously as journalists, we’re just glad to be reporting that there are some politicians who aren’t above using their assets to get ahead and fill the massive hole in their state budget.

Props to the Kansas administration for not being afraid to get down and dirty, tackling this massive problem with both hands… and a dildo.

kansas sex toys

Now we know just how big it is…


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