Marijuana and you: SBS nails interactive promotion.

If you walked out of Railway Square in Sydney today, you would have come across a very interesting kind of installation. There’s a big box with live growing weed in it. I don’t know how else to explain it.


There’s a reason why there’s a giant box of weed in the middle of Sydney, and it’s all because of SBS. Next week’s episode of Insight is sparking up the big debate about legalising marijuana. An awesome display of real-time interactivity, the display has two sections – one group of plants are attached to a sprinkler system of ‘weed killer’, and the other to ‘fertiliser’.

Each tweet, text and Facebook post with either of the hashtags #yestopot or #notopot influences which box of ganj get a spraying. Obviously those that disagree with legalisation are killing the crop on the left, and those that agree are nourishing the box on the right.

Naturally, the masses have taken to Twitter to put their two cents in the debate.  


What do you think?

SBS encourages you to have your say, and the results of the Mary Jane Debate will be discussed on Insight on October 7.


Either way, we predict 4.20 today is going to be interesting. #blazeit


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