Government thinks jobless youth are Cheezel eating, Xbox enthusiasts.

Earlier today the Coalition’s proposal of not providing unemployment benefits to young people without a job for six months was backed, despite a report by the Australian Council of Social Service deeming the proposal to be a breach of human rights to the youth of Australia.

This inhumane approach was communicated in bleak terms by Coalition backbencher Ewen Jones. Jones referred to young people as likely to just get their ‘dole’ and go home to “…eat Cheezels” and “…get on the Xbox.’. Of course.

As graduation draws closer for a lot of university students, this news does not come lightly to those currently job seeking. On last night’s Q and A, Christopher Pyne continued his deluded belief that there is no job shortage for young people, much to the annoyance to the Q & A crowd and tweeters.

Pyne is denying the statistics from ABS that 12.4 percent of youth aged from 15 to 24 are unemployed. People person Pyne then went on to defend university systems, failing to acknowledge that this education isn’t necessarily setting students up for instant employability. This is revealed by 40% of Australian young workers believing their education has not given them efficient skills needed in the workforce.

Work for the dole

“And none for Australia’s students, bye.”

Both the proposal and issues of insufficient education reflect the government’s inability to listen to the needs of Australia’s youth population. For the backed proposal not to be a human rights issue the government must comply with the committee’s recommendations by actually assessing individual situations. To do this they must gain information on the impact experienced by individuals and their families. Instead of you know disregarding us all completely.

You can keep your Cheezels. We’d like our respect please.



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