Hey Tony Abbott, here’s some things that are REALLY confronting.

We should probably be used to Tony Abbott dropping outrageous quotes that rarely make sense, but today he dropped this little gem about women in Burqas:

I find it a fairly confronting form of attire and frankly I wish it weren’t worn.” 

So we thought we’d make a list of some other, more confronting things Tone Abet  may like to turn his attention towards.

1. This attire.



3. Murdoch confronting his confrontations.



4. Racism


5. Julie Bishop being warm for Thor’s form


6. This plot twist


7. The fact Abbott might not actually know what the Burqa is

Get educated.

8. Just every little thing about this

Source: Reddit.com


    9. Cory Bernardi being a person who’s opinion some people find relevant



10….and finally the Speedos.



List compiled by Laura Polson & Tahlia Pritchard. 


What are your thoughts?

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