5 Minutes With: Captives

Captives may not have been around all that long, but have established themselves as a captivating live punk act, playing shows alongside Tumbleweed, Gay Paris and The Snowdroppers.

After releasing their new EP ‘Butterflies, Diamonds & Lightning,’ (Oct 3) the five piece are now set to tour throughout October and November. Lead single ‘Insomnia’  has already scored airplay on Triple J and community radio.

We caught up with the punk rockers to discuss the new EP, career highlights and to find out some deep, dark secrets.
To start with, tell us a bit about Captives – can you introduce us to each band member with a random/fun fact about each? 

Aaron Damon – Claims he is unbeatable at UNO. Looks remarkably like Freddy Mercury and has this annoying habit of sticking a sauce bottle deep into meat pies for satisfaction!

Marcus Wynwood – Big breakfast connoisseur. Surprisingly handy backyard cricketer (don’t be fooled by his appearance) and lives in a town called ‘Penguin’ that has its own 4-metre high penguin statue.

Mitch Damon – Practices the art of BJJ. Once got thrown out of a country. Loves shooting rifles and is the only one in the band that drinks ‘Soy’ lattes. Yep, he’s that guy!

Michael Lord – Has a pet cat that is identical to Garfield. Mad Geelong cats fan. Has an identical twin brother. Recorded half of the new EP in a batman costume.

Matthew Damon – University bum. Collects soaps from hotel bathrooms to save spending his Centrelink money. Coffee addict. Has just started his own business called ‘Raw Street’.

You’re releasing your new EP on October 3rd – what can fans expect from it?

A heavy, honest and live sounding EP. It’s definitely a sound that has matured a lot since our first EP last year. We seem to have found a sound that sits well with us more importantly the fans that come watch us. We wanted to create something that was ‘us’ and fun to play live.

What have been some highlights of your career so far?

It’s all been a highlight so far but there are some that stand out. Supporting Shihad in September was rad! Releasing 2 EPs to date, getting some Triple J support and doing our first headline national tour this year

If you could tour with any other band, who would it be? 

There are so many acts out there to choose from, so I reckon we would buy a bus and get ‘My Echo’, ‘High Tension,’ ‘Super Best Friends’, ‘The Quarters’, Release the Hounds’, ‘The Sinking Teeth’ and ‘Have Hold’ to jump in and do a tour. Open to tour names.

What’s the plan for Captives for the remainder of 2014?

Release our new EP ‘Butterflies, Diamonds & Lightning’ on Oct 3rd, followed by a lot more shows coming up over summer. We aim to play to as many people as we can over the next few months.

Fact File:

  • You can like Captives on Facebook here. 
  • Captives are touring in the following areas:

    Sat Oct 25 – Creepshow Festival, Melbourne
    Fri Oct 31 – Tapas Bar, Devonport
    Sat Nov 1 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
    Thu Nov 13 – Crowbar, Brisbane
    Fri Nov 14 – 4ZZZ Radio Car Park Show, Brisbane
    Fri Nov 28 – Valve Downstairs, Sydney
    Sat Nov 29 – 
    Baker Street, Gosford



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