Segregation made a comeback to Australian Parliament today. Introducing #BurqaBox.

News is emerging from Canberra today that Australian Federal Parliament has passed new rules stating people with facial coverings are no longer going to be allowed to sit in the normal Public Gallery during Question Time.

Instead, they’ll be confined to the glass viewing boxes. You know, the ones you went on during the mandatory school excursion to Canberra.

Forcing people to sit with the schoolkids purely because of coverings they wear to uphold their faith isn’t just grossly xenophobic, it’s a backwards leap of proportions so massive it almost defies belief.

It’s the latest in a long run of fear-mongering tactics being employed by both the government and the media. In fact, it was only yesterday that Tony Abbott was quoted as saying how confronting he found the burqa to be.

A poll currently being run on ABC’s the Drum is polling people on their thoughts on this issue:


The hashtag #BurqaBox has already begun flooding twitter, with commentators quick to highlight just how ridiculous these security measures scare tactics are.




More on this story as it develops.




What are your thoughts?

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