Sam won the prize money, but she couldn’t have predicted her other prize: love.

Sam, along with 24 other women, entered The Bachelor in hopes that she would achieve the reward that lies at the end of any reality TV show — the prize money. But could she have ever predicted the other small but significant prize that inadvertently entered her life during the course of the series?

That surprise gift, of course, is a gent named Blake Garvey.

Sam was just a regular woman. She probably spent her evenings at home watching reality television and thinking, that could be me. She likely dreamed of the fame, money and record deals that a reality show could have afforded her. But little did she know, those things would end up secondary to the surprise of meeting the man on her dreams while filming The Bachelor.

What was the likelihood that Sam and Blake — two people that, by all accounts, are soul mates — would have met on the set of a TV show? It’s an uncanny coincidence that, in many ways, makes you believe that true love can be found in the most unexpected places.

A successful relationship blooming between two people who met while filming a reality TV show isn’t unprecedented. On Survivor: All-Stars, the eighth season of the popular programme, the winner and runner-up, Amber Brkich and Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano, met and fell in love, culminating in a proposal on the season finale. But importantly, neither contestant applied for Survivor in hopes of finding love. They were there for the cash money.

Sam is much the same. She came onto the show in hopes of scoring the big bucks (and again, that record deal), but there’s no way she could have anticipated finding romance, fulfilment or a big rock on her ring finger.

Sam’s story is a modern fairy tale: what she experienced may not have been likely, but it gives hope to the rest of us that we may one day enter a random reality TV show and find love out of the blue.

Image via Ten


One thought on “Sam won the prize money, but she couldn’t have predicted her other prize: love.

  1. I hope I can find love one day while pursuing my ultimate goal of acquiring copious amounts of material goods….

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