Coming Soon: Customised Hipster burgers at McDonald’s.

mcdonald's hipster burgers


We’ve all had that moment. You’re starving at lunch time and the only available food is McDonald’s. Unfortunately, you must choose to starve, because McDonald’s is simply too mainstream.

Good news to all the hipsters out there who have had to confine their dining choices to establishments that only serve chips in mini fryers and burgers atop pretentious breadboards. Maccas have finally succumbed to the fine-dining, vintage presentation of food and will be adjusting their menus, service and presentation across Australia. reports that amongst the changes, customers will receive table service. However, the biggest change is the ‘Create your Taste’ range. Customers will reportedly be able to digitally customise their burgers, picking and choosing from 19 ingredients on the menu. Oh, and you also receive a little McDonald’s flag skewer atop your creation.

The CEO of McDonald’s Australia, Andrew Gregory, has said that the changes were the result of customer demand.

The first store to trial these changes is Castle Hill, with all stores across Australia to follow suit over the next 3 years.

Apparently, Maccas will go to any lengths to prove that they’re a “little bit fancy”.

mcdonald's hipster burgers




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