A News Corp paper went ‘undercover’ in media classes at Sydney universities.

Hey remember that whole burqa thing? Just when you think the stupidity of News Corp as a publishing platform can’t get any stupider, comes this mornings ‘exclusive’ piece of ‘investigative journalism’. It’s not as overtly offensive as their last undercover piece –  but what it lacks in pure gross-ness it makes up for in overwhelming, mind-boggingly stupidity.

Basically The Australian’s Sharri Markson went undercover in some first year media classes at University of Sydney and the University of Technology. To um, blow the lid off of the corrupt nature of our tertiary education system or something?

Not really. It was basically just a chance to piss and moan about prejudice against Murdoch:

The 18-year-old students are also being told repeatedly that one of the world’s biggest employers of journalists, News Corp, uses “naked political pressure” to the detriment of democracy.

Detriment of democracy? Pull the other one, m8.

In any case you can check out the full article here. Prepare for a severe case of the giggles. And if you can’t be bothered wading into today’s latest News Corp LOL factory, check out how Twitter reacted below:



The BULLSH!T editors chimed in too:



TL:DR? News Corp are about as good as going undercover as they are at being journalists. Happy Monday!




2 thoughts on “A News Corp paper went ‘undercover’ in media classes at Sydney universities.

  1. could I just say, you’ve heaped shit on an article without quoting or even casually referencing a single component of what it says? I’m all for taking stories apart, but shouldn’t you actually give some reason why you don’t like it?

    what it seems like is, you’ve seen Tweets from people who HAVE read the stories, and made a snap judgement on it – which is something that *SHOCK HORROR* you’re often accusing News Corp of.

    • Hey mate, original author of the piece here. I did read the original article. Several times. I did pull a direct quote from it, which you’ll find above. Not sure how you missed it actually.

      In any case, this was a quick snap reaction to the story. There’s a lot more thoughtful editorial on the web today about why this article in the Australian is so problematic, and I encourage you to seek it out.

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