NSW LNP Premier Mike Baird has appeared in an ad endorsing News Corp.

Remember that time the Telegraph loved Kevin? Then in the latest election they decide Tone was the man for the job? NewsCorp even called Kev fat. Which is just plain nasty …but definitely not bias, right guys?

This week is proving that News Corp will stop at nothing to prove they are an unbiased and rather a ‘trustworthy’ voice in Aussie media. Yesterday, The Australian published a story where media editor Sharri Markson went undercover at Sydney universities., attending first year media lectures at USYD and UTS. In a bid to unmask their bias teachings, she believed these courses were “leading students to form a critical view of News Corp”.  To Markson, students are being taught that News Corp and its papers have large amounts of power and therefore political influence.

So, you know, basically the truth. 

In any case, that was yesterday’s news. Today? They’ve struck again. This time with a new Daily Telegraph video advertisement featuring NSW Premier Mike Baird. Mike Baird the politician.

Endorsing a major media outlet.

In the lead-up to an election.

The ad shows you can have a chat on the train with old Bairdy and all your other favourite journalists like Miranda Devine, about HOW GOOD the Tele is. There may not be any representation from the opposition, but perhaps they are just stuck in track work. Or the Opal system failed them or something.

What is  most telling from the advert is not just the clear political bias at play here, but the fact that NewsCorp journos are now even popping up on your trains.  Just when you thought Sydney Trains couldn’t possibly get any worse, too.


What are your thoughts?

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