Jacqui Lambie’s greatest fear: Ebola-infected suicide bombers

PUP senator Jacqui Lambie has conjured up the new terror threat that Australians should be worried about – Ebola-infected suicide bombers.

Lambie used the opportunity during a budget estimates hearing of the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee to ask the Vice Chief of the Australian Defence Force, Vice Rear Admiral Ray Griggs, about the potential for terrorists to use Ebola-infected suicide bombers against Australia.

“Do you have any information to suggest that Australia’s enemies could attack our country or the military using the virus, for example, with suicide agents who are infected with the disease or have access to bodily fluids containing the disease, and what is your contingency plan to fight this?” Lambie asked Griggs.


Yes, that’s right. Ebola-infected suicide bombers. Lambie has managed roll all her ignorant and ill-informed fears of Ebola in Africa and Islamic State suicide bombers in Iraq into one doozy of a phantom that could end all life in Australia as she knows it.

*commence facepalm*


Jacqui Lambie ebola terrorism

Source: Giphy

We just..

Jackie Lambie ebola terrorism

Source: Giphy

How can you…

Jacqui Lambie ebola terrorism

Source: Giphy

Really, Jackie?


Thankfully, Griggs flatly rejected the premise of Lambie’s ludicrous question by saying there is no “evidence to suggest that that is a likely course of action”.

“I think the ability to inject someone into the country who is not showing symptoms [of Ebola] would be quite difficult.”



However, that was not enough to appease Lambie, with the senator pressing Griggs with further questions.

“Is there a contingency plan through the Defence Force to tackle the Ebola issue… are your men and women protected?” Jacqui asked.

To which Griggs replied, “Senator, our men and women are as protected as anyone else in the country is; the response to that hypothetical situation would be the response to any outbreak of Ebola in Australia.”

“Our health system has its preparations ready for the virus appearing in the country.”

We at Bullsh!t wonder if the idea of Ebola-infected suicide bombers wearing…. wait for it… burqas has occurred to Senator Lambie yet. Seriously, Jacqui, think about it.


Words by Kemal Atlay

Feature image: news.com.au


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