SH!T WATCH: Bye bye Bachelor & the Zellweger conundrum.

Howdy all. Welcome back to another week of SH!T WATCH.

It’s been a big week of Twitter wars. People sinking their claws in all over the joint. Scalloping each other. The tensions been caked on everywhere. Mean Girls dinner parties were had. So we thought we’d take a pause … and start things on a light-hearted note.

FINALLY, we can finally say goodbye to the fucking Bachelor. Hopefully Blake and Louise will go off to boring town, live their boring lives and have lots of boring children. BUT FIRST, before we bid farewell – win the best/worst headline for this week:




In other news, Mamamia have confused themselves again:




One of these is not like the other….

Best burn of the week goes to a BuzzFeed Oz writer. She beat us to the punch:


smashed it



And in a SH!T WATCH first, an exclusive crossover to the land of television – because come on. This was too good to leave out:




In case you were wondering Cenberra is where Tone Abet lives.

BuzzFeed giving us headlines that makes us say ‘WTF’ isn’t generally news, but this one was perhaps the strangest one we’ve ever seen.




Just… what?

Herald Sun wants us to debate whether these female superstars are pop stars or strippers. Oh Herald Sun. Didn’t you know shaming women for what they wear and how they perform went out so so long ago?




Debate: Herald Sun – Journalists or middle age men fapping to this photo?

Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph seems to think that everyone who reads their paper only speaks english, while also being dirty about businesses advertising for employment, and just a smidge racist for good measure. Thanks for the heads up, Benjamin Law.


Daily Telegraph

Source: Twitter



Source: PandaWhale


Alright, Clickbait time. This one is particularly shitty too:


Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 10.08.13 PM


We could ramble on for hours here about how entirely problematic everything about the above is, but you know what they say: a picture, a thousand words etc etc.

Here you go guys:

Click WD


See you next week – Bachelor free, we promise.


What are your thoughts?

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